Purple Cherry Events Support Beverley Knight & The Jersey Boys

Though we run Purple Cherry Events around our Monday to Friday 9-5 working week and primarily host events at weekends, sometimes I wish it was a full time affair.

Last Friday, Purple Cherry Events supported the British R&B Soul talent that is Beverley Knight, and, the popular West End musical sensation, The Jersey Boys, at the famously prestigious Landmark Hotel, London.

How did we get the gig? We were spotted by a Director of Anglo-American PLC, one of the world’s largest diversified mining and natural resource groups, at a Christmas party we hosted last year in Farnham Common, Bucks.

Purple Cherry Events is widely renowned for creating an electric atmosphere and playing a variety of music to suit every audience no matter how diverse. Audiences that have not heard us play before will almost certainly stand in amazement and applaud the efforts of the Purple Cherry Events DJ Team and it’s for that reason alone we were booked for this gig, having demonstrated the wow factor Purple Cherry Events can bring, and on this occasion to a director of a large international organisation.

The booking was passed on to an events management company called Pink Grapefruit, who put together a glamorous and glitzy, winter wonderland themed Christmas party for their client, Anglo-American, who had also booked two surprise celebrity acts for the evening.

Whilst the guests made their entrance and sat down for dinner, Purple Cherry Events provided background music in the form of jazz versions of Christmas Songs which accompanied the winter wonderland feel of the event but was also suitable during dinner.

Once dinner and other formalities had taken place, it was then our responsibility to create more of an upbeat mood and warm up the audience ready for the arrival of the first act. After 20 minutes of playing a mixture of old and new party songs that were easily recognisable by the audience, band members made their way on to stage and got into position ready to welcome on stage Beverley Knight, who was received by an enthusiastic crowd all of whom had drawn forward to view the R&B & Soul singer and to dance along with her songs.

We had never seen Beverley Knight perform before, but what a performer she is! She was full of energy and motivation that was performing for the crowd and the love of music. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Beverley Knight perform and it was clear to see that the crowd did too!

After Beverley Knight’s one hour performance, she was applauded off the stage on her exit and we were required to fill another 15 minute gap with music before then next act was due to arrive on stage.

Only one of The Jersey Boys came on to stage to start the performance singing a cover version of Frankie Valli and The Four Season’s song ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ in a soft tone, it came to the climax when the remaining three of The Jersey Boys ran on to stage and completed the song in triumphant, swing style, which was of course followed by other popular songs taken from their musical stage show which the audience, particularly the ladies, knew only too well and sang along to at the top of their voices.

The Jersey Boys’ set was short but WOW did they make an impact. Even we found ourselves singing along!

The time was now just after 11.30pm and we were required to see the party out until 1am, and to follow up and continue the party where The Jersey Boys and Beverley Knight had left off was going to be difficult but we managed to continue the momentum that the crowd had gathered by playing a mixture of old and new, well recognised party tunes which the audience could also sing along too. We were having so much fun, before we knew it, it was 1am and unfortunately a great party had to come to a close.

We also received a lot of positive feedback from the event organisers and the production team on-site, all of whom said that same thing – “you guys kept the dance floor busy during and after live celebrity acts, which is no easy task”.

What an experience to be a part of and something that we would certainly look forward to taking part in again.

Watch this space, to see which other celebrity acts we support in the future.

Please click here to view professional photographs of the event itself taken by Christopher Martin, the official event photographer appointed by Anglo-American.



Blog Written by Chaz – Purple Cherry Events DJ & MC

One of the questions we get asked more often than not is ‘How Did Purple Cherry Events Get Its Name?’

When I finished Uni back in 2005, I stopped DJ’ing for a few years to focus on my career but the fire was still burning inside me and back in mid 2009 I decided that I wanted to start DJ’ing again.

Gurdev, who is best known for his Dhol playing skills, and who is also a Purple Cherry Team Member, was setting up a Dhol Performance Group at the same time – now known as The Dholplayer Collective.

Gurdev would get enquiries for DJs as well as Dholplayers and would pass on bookings to me. Word also started to spread that I had returned to DJ’ing and I was also getting enquiries for Dholplayers. Naturally, I was passing bookings onto Gurdev.

Also at the same time, Gurdev’s brother Kuli and his friend Sunny were on a mission to organise events and nights out in London that was something different from the norm. As city professionals they wanted to set-up nights for like minded city professionals that was sophisticated and classy but was also unique, fun and funky.

With that in mind, Kuli & Sunny were on the search for a name for their newly founded event organising venture and they wanted the name to reflect what the feel that they were trying to achieve from their nights. They brain stormed and short-listed a few options which they presented to friends and colleagues that were twenty-something professionals and keen on enjoying nights out. They selected the name that was the most popular and received the most positive. Thus, Purple Cherry Events was born.

Kuli & Sunny launched their nights for which Jax & I were always the DJs and at the same time we were getting more and more enquiries for bookings for private functions but we still had no name! Then came The Light Bulb Moment!

Jax & I were DJ’ing for Kuli & Sunny and we had our own followers coming to the Purple Cherry Nights and we were all supporting each other’s ventures and providing ideas and helping where we could so I thought, ‘We all work well together. Why not pool our efforts and combine it under one umbrella?’ I discussed it with the guys and we all agreed that there was scope to reach out to wider audience and get involved in a variety of projects. By November 2009, Purple Cherry Events was offering Events/Nights Out for city professionals and DJ Services for private functions, with a focus on targeting the Asian Wedding Market.

Purple Cherry Events DJ Services has now far out-grown the Events side of the business, and is continuing to prosper. We receive a lot of positive feedback on our name and the typical responses we get are that its ‘different, unique, professional, fun, and funky’, which is exactly the identity that we are trying to achieve.

More importantly, the Purple Cherry Events is a name becoming more and more recognised because we are rapidly building a reputation and becoming widely known for creating an electric atmosphere and delivering the highest standard of music and song selections for each and every one of our clients and their events.

I have no doubt that you will certainly see more of Purple Cherry Events at Wedding Receptions and other functions. If so, come up and say Hi 🙂


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